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 6.99 81.68 /pc.

  • Formula: Mg3Si4O10(OH)2
  • Cas: 14807-96-6
  • EC: 238-877-9

A soft, hydrophobic mineral ideal for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and industry. With its unique characteristics, it provides tenderness, water repellency and chemical inertness in various fields of production.

 6.99 /pc.
 81.68 /pc.



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Talc Powder (Pharmaceutical Grade)

Talc powder is a natural mineral product with unique properties. Used in a variety of industries including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics and rubber, paper, paints and coatings. You can learn more about the use of talc powder in our article. Buy a high quality product from us for optimal results in your production.

Talc powder properties:

  • Softness: grants it the status of one of the softest minerals on Earth. This makes it ideal for use in cosmetic products such as powders and mascaras where a gentle texture is required without irritating the skin.
  • Hydrophobicity: makes it an excellent agent in water-repellent compounds and lubricants. In the plastics and rubber industry, it is used to reduce friction and improve fluidity, resulting in stronger, more durable products.
  • Chemical inertness: chemically inert and resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemical influences.
    Lubricating properties: Talc powder is widely used as a lubricant.
  • Heat Resistance: has good heat resistance.

Talc powder and its uses:

  • В косметической промышленности: Тальк используется в производстве порошков, косметических продуктов, таких как тушь и пудра.
  • В фармацевтике: Входит в состав некоторых медицинских препаратов и таблеток.
  • В производстве пластиков и резины: Добавляется для улучшения текучести и снижения трения.
  • В производстве бумаги: Добавляется для улучшения текстуры бумаги.
  • В производстве красок и покрытий: Используется в качестве наполнителя и редуцирующего агента.

Where to buy?

You can buy talc powder or ask any questions about placing an order by contacting our employees by phone +371 25771311 or by email

We sell ground talc throughout Latvia and the EU. Delivery to your city is possible.

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Weight1 kg

1 kg bag, 25 kg bag

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