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Fiberglass cloth

Such fabrics have very high chemical resistance. Therefore, they are used in the chemical industry as filters for alkalis, acids and reactive gases. Due to their good fire resistance, fiberglass fabrics are used in the manufacture of overalls for electric welders and firefighters, draperies, theater curtains, carpets, etc. In addition to fire resistance and chemical resistance, glass fabrics also have high electrical insulating properties. You can buy fiberglass fabric from us and get advice on application.

Advantages of fiberglass cloth:

  • durability and resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • the ability to use when sewing workwear with unique characteristics;
  • the ability to obtain specified characteristics by changing the direction of fiber laying;
  • due to rapid impregnation and good adhesion with polyester resins,
  • the manufacture of products takes little time;
  • high chemical and moisture resistance.

Application of fiberglass cloth:

Structural glass fabrics and glass mats are used in combination with composites, polyester and epoxy resins in the aviation, automotive and construction industries, for example, for the manufacture of parts for cars, airplanes, swimming pools, pipes, tanks. Parts formed in this way are light, durable and corrosion-resistant.

Good thermal insulation properties allow them to be used as an insulating material, or for wrapping insulation materials and increasing their characteristics, for example, from basalt wool to prevent weathering.

Fiberglass fabric differs from fiberglass in the ordered arrangement of fibers with a variety of weaves; fiberglass is produced with a chaotic application of fibers, but the general direction can be set, thereby strengthening it, for example, in a longitudinal or transverse arrangement.

Stunning insulating materials for external insulation are obtained through the symbiosis of fiberglass and aluminum foil. Fiberglass provides strength and rigidity, and aluminum foil provides water resistance, acts as reflective thermal insulation and is an excellent insulator for pipelines, including for outdoor use.

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