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Faux leather (Leatherette, Eco-leather)

Faux leather for furniture is a high-quality fabric that is often purchased and used for upholstery. Eco-leather consists of a polymer coating and a fabric base, thanks to the use of embossing, the front side of the material is indistinguishable from natural leather in appearance.
Leatherette meets all modern quality technologies, due to which it is often used for upholstery of furniture in residential, public and commercial premises; high-quality material, thanks to the polyurethane coating, has good organoleptic properties and durability.

Leatherette fabric benefits:

  • Many types of artificial leather fabrics are superior to leather in strength and wear resistance. Thanks to the use of special materials, the upholstery retains its appearance for a long time, which is why it is often used for upholstering furniture in public places.
  • Eco-leather fabric is hypoallergenic and does not emit unpleasant odors.
  • Faux leather is easy to care for and easy to clean.
  • Wide palette of textures and colors.
  • High decorative qualities – high-quality leatherette looks elegant both in the home and in public places.
  • Low price for eco-leather, unlike genuine leather.

Leatherette – where to buy and what is the price?

Leatherette fabric is one of the most popular types of raw materials in the manufacture of furniture.
In our ChemLV online store, you can buy faux leather at a good price:


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