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Foam rubber from ChemLV

Foam rubber is also known as polyurethane foam (PPU), but that is how it is called in the Latvian consumer market. Upholstery foam has been used all over the world for a long time. For about eight decades, it has been used in the production of upholstered furniture as a filler. It was invented in the 20th century in Germany. This material was not specially developed, it appeared as a by-product during the production of rigid polyurethane foam. It turned out to be quite suitable for practical use. Over the years, it has been modernized and has reached our us.

Material Properties

✓ Hypoallergenic. This quality is very important in furniture manufacturing.

✓ Resistant to moisture. As a result of this, he is not threatened by the processes of mold formation.

✓ Can withstand high and low temperatures.

✓ Good sound insulation performance.

✓ Good elasticity. Able to take any form given to him.

Product range

In our warehouse and in the online store you can buy foam rubber with a thickness of 5 to 100 mm, size 1.2x2m and a density of 25 kg/m3. The higher the density, the longer the service life. Our company cooperates with the largest enterprises for the production of upholstery foam in the European Union.

Foam rubber – where to buy?

Do you manufacture furniture or mattresses? Do you need foam rubber retail or wholesale? – Contact ChemLV in Latvia. Even if you only need one sheet, you can purchase it from us. We sell certified foam rubber, the quality and safety of which are guaranteed. Upholstery foam manufacturers, in addition to mandatory certification, are certified according to European standards. If you have upholstery foam that has received such a certificate in front of you, this means that it is guaranteed that it does not contain harmful substances.


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