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Pine rosin (25 kg)

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Pine rosin is a product of processing the resin of coniferous trees (from which all turpentine has been removed), used in the production of adhesives, in the manufacture of rubber to increase elasticity, lubricants, as a flux for tinning and soldering.

Pine rosin (25 kg)


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Pine rosin

Pine rosin (gum) is a resin that is a glassy, fragile amorphous compound from light yellow to dark red in color with a glassy sheen and a shell-like characteristic fracture.

The material is contained in the resins of coniferous trees and is a mixture of different resin acids and their isomers. It is obtained from a resinous substance (turpentine, which is released when tree tissue is wounded), after which volatile substances are evaporated from the raw resin. You can buy this product at a favorable price from our organization.

The compound is soluble in organic solvents: acetone, alcohol, benzene, ether and chloroform, but is immiscible with water. Its melting point depends on the method and source of production, and is in the ranges of 50–70°C and 100–130°C. It is a good dielectric.

The best varieties of rosin are light yellow in color, the worst are dark red and even black. It is transparent and glassy when fractured. Rosin is classified as an acidic resin and consists mainly of abietic and pimaric acids and a small amount of resenes. It easily dissolves in turpentine, fatty oils, ether, chloroform, alcohol and acetone, mostly in gasoline. In addition, it dissolves in ammonia, soda solution and caustic alkalis, forming resin soaps.


Rosin is a universal thermoplastic substance. It is used as a dielectric, insulator, antiseptic, plasticizer, etc.

Some uses of rosin in industry:

  • Production of various adhesives.
  • Making rubber – increasing elasticity, which is preserved thanks to rosin even at low temperatures. In particular, in the production of car tires.
  • Production of paint and varnish products. It is used for various purposes, including to speed up the drying of oil-based varnishes and paints.
  • Paper industry – increasing strength, improving cardboard sizing.
  • Production of transformers – impregnation of layer windings.
  • Flux for tinning surfaces and soldering.
  • In soap making, production of detergents and cleaning products – increased foaming, improved degreasing properties, increased plasticity and solubility of soap.
  • Production of lubricants.
  • Construction mixtures are an additive to concrete to increase water-repellent properties and improve ductility when pouring.
  • For stringed musical instruments – improves the adhesion of the bow hair to the string, enhances and focuses the sound.

The low price of pine rosin allows it to be used in a wide variety of industries. Moreover, consumption is growing steadily, but the natural resources of resin are limited. Therefore, in the very near future, demand may exceed supply.

Pine rosin – where to buy?

Our company sells chemical products with delivery throughout Latvia and the EU. If you want to buy pine rosin wholesale or retail, we suggest leaving a request in our online store. Your personal manager will contact you shortly.

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