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Getinax is an electrically insulating layered pressed material made by impregnating glass fabric or paper layers with phenolic resins and subsequent pressing at high pressure and temperature. This process creates a strong and hard material with excellent insulating properties.


Getinax is widely used in electrical engineering, particularly for the manufacture of insulating parts such as electrical insulators, gaskets, washers and other components. Its high strength, moisture and chemical resistance make it the material of choice in applications where reliable electrical insulation is required.

Application of Getinax:

  • Electrical Engineering:
    • Insulation of electrical wires.
    • Manufacturing of electrical insulators.
    • Frames and gaskets for electrical components.
  • Energy Sector:
    • Usage in high-voltage and low-voltage electrical systems.
    • Application in equipment for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy.
  • Automotive Industry:
    • Production of parts for electrical systems in automobiles.
    • Use in electrical insulation materials for automotive components.
  • Engineering Constructions:
    • Production of parts with high mechanical strength.
    • Application in constructions where electrical insulation and resistance to moisture are important.
  • Electronics:
    • Creation of printed circuit boards.
    • Use in insulation materials for electronic devices.
  • Manufacturing of Insulation Materials:
    • Production of insulation films and sheets.
    • Creation of composite materials with various characteristics.


The main advantage of the material over textolite and glass textolite is the ease of machining. Getinax also has good mechanical stability and is resistant to high temperatures, making it suitable for applications where material stability over a wide range of operating conditions is important. Due to its properties and wide range of applications, getinax remains a popular and important material in electrical engineering and other industries where high-quality insulation is required.

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