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 19.78 1,880.34 /pc.

  • Formula: C8H10
  • Cas: 1330-20-7
  • EC: 215-535-7
  • UN: UN 1307

Solvent "Xylene" is intended for dilution to working viscosity when applying various enamel auto paints with a paint sprayer, as well as some varnishes, paints, enamels and primers on alkyd (PF, GF), epoxy (EP) and bitumen (BT) bases. Advantages: dilutes various auto enamels; cleans working tools; degreases surfaces. Scope of application: dilution of enamel auto paints; dilution of various paints and varnishes before application; degreasing contaminated surfaces; cleaning brushes and other tools from dried paints and varnishes.

 19.78 /pc.
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 1,880.34 /pc.



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Xylene is a colorless liquid with the odor of benzene. Miscible with ethanol, diethyl ether, acetone, chloroform, benzene, solubility in water is low. Xylene is similar in production and properties to toluene.


Xylene is used to dissolve alkyd styrene and divinylacetylene polymers, butanolyzed melamine-formaldehyde resins. Xylene can be used instead of solvent in enamel. Solvent for varnishes, paints, mastics, high-octane additive for motor fuel. Widely used in laboratory practice as a solvent.


Petroleum xylene is an aromatic hydrocarbon. This chemical structure of this substance suggests that it can easily and quickly evaporate in the air, but it also quickly reacts with other substances. Petroleum xylene is considered a volatile substance, but its activity in reactions is long-lasting and persistent. It can quickly break down fatty compounds, so it is often used for treating and degreasing various surfaces.

Xylene petroleum solvent It has three isomers in its composition. They are found in the same quantity, but have completely different properties. The composition of petroleum xylene includes:

  • orthoxylene,
  • perxylene,
  • metaxylene.

This special composition of petroleum xylene makes this substance universal in use. It can be used for paints and varnishes. Orthoxylene contains substances that can quickly dissolve varnishes or paints. Paraxylene consists of acids, which allows it to react quickly with fats. This isomer of petroleum xylene is aimed at fighting fat. Methaxylol acts as a chemical substance that promotes the rapid interaction of reagents.
Petroleum xylene can freeze at a temperature of -400 Celsius, and boil at +1400 Celsius. When opening a package of petroleum xylene, you must be as careful as possible, as it will quickly evaporate without leaving a residue. Evaporation of petroleum xylene can lead to chemical burns of the upper respiratory tract, poisoning, and pulmonary edema.

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Signal word – Danger

Stickers (Pictogram) – GHS02, GHS07, GHS08

Hazard statements –

H226 – Flammable liquid and vapour
H304 – May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways
H312 + H332 – Harmful in contact with skin or if inhaled
H315 – Causes skin irritation.
H319 – Causes serious eye irritation.
H335 – May cause respiratory irritation.
H373 – May cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure
H412 – Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

Precautionary statements –

P210 – Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other sources of ignition. No smoking
P280 – Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye/face protection
P301 + P330 + P331 – IF SWALLOWED: rinse mouth. DO NOT induce vomiting
P303 + P361 + P353 – IF ON SKIN (or hair): Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin with water or take a shower.
P310 – Immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician

UN number – UN 1307

Hazard Class – 3

Packing Group – III

Additional information

Weight1 kg

25 L canister (22.5 kg), 5 L canister (4.5 kg), Barrel 200 l (180 kg), Canister 10 l (9 kg), Eurocube 1000 l (900 kg)

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UN 1307

Hazard Class


Packing Group

Stickers (Pictogram)

GHS02, GHS07, GHS08

Signal word





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