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Nephras C2, 80/120

 18.67 430.76 /pc.

  • Cas: 8032-32-4
  • EC: 232-453-7
  • UN: UN 1268

Nephras C2 80/120 is a special liquid that is used as a solvent. This nefras is based on gasoline; it belongs to a mixed type of solvent, widely used as a technical fluid.

 18.67 /pc.
 33.94 /pc.
 72.48 /pc.
 430.76 /pc.

Nephras C2, 80/120


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Nephras C2, 80/120

Nephras belongs to the group of solvent gasolines. A feature of this solvent is its ability to quickly dissolve organic compounds, volatility and some corrosiveness.

It is used in the rubber industry, as well as for thinning paints, enamels, and degreasing surfaces intended for gluing.

It is possible to use this type of gasoline as fuel for catalytic heaters. It is also recommended as a fuel for gasoline blowtorches. Previously used in Zippo lighters.

It is often called BR-2 or “galosha”. Other common nephrases include solvent and white spirit.
In terms of its chemical properties, it is a fraction of dearomatized gasoline obtained as a result of catalytic reforming and is characterized by a low boiling point.


  • Nephras is an excellent product for gentle but effective cleaning of various mechanisms (including watches), degreasing various surfaces, and eliminating any grease stains.
  • Used in radio electronics, used for washing printed circuit boards and electrical contacts (usually mixed with Isopropyl alcohol in a 1:1 ratio).
  • Perfectly removes oil, bitumen and wax stains. It is used in dry cleaners for chemical cleaning of fabrics and fur. Used as a degreaser to prepare surfaces for painting.
  • Nephras is used in jewelry, watchmaking and dental prosthetics.
    It is used as a thinner for diluting paints and varnishes, enamels, adhesives and mastics. Significantly reduces the drying time of paintwork materials (compared to white spirit).

Nephras – where to buy?

We offer to buy nephras in various packaging: from 5 to 200 liters.

Order on the website, by phone +371 25771311 or by email

The range also includes other solvents: butanol, butyl acetate, R-646


Signal word – Danger

Stickers (Pictogram) – GHS02, GHS08

Hazard statements –

H225 – Highly flammable liquid and vapour.
H304 – May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways.
H340 – May cause genetic defects.
H350 – May cause cancer

Precautionary statements –

P201 – Obtain special instructions before use.
P210 – Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. – No smoking.
P301 + P310 – IF SWALLOWED: Immediately call a POISON CENTER/doctor/
P308+P313 – IF exposed or concerned: Get medical attention.
P331 – Do NOT induce vomiting.

UN number – UN 1268

Hazard Class – 3

Packing Group – I

Additional information

Weight0.7 kg

5 L canister (4 kg), Barrel 200 l (144 kg), Canister 10 l (7.5 kg), Canister 25 l (19 kg), Eurocube 1000 l (720 kg)

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UN 1268

Hazard Class


Packing Group

Stickers (Pictogram)

GHS02, GHS08

Signal word





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