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Sodium sulfate (25 kg)


  • Formula: Na2SO4
  • Cas: 7757-82-6
  • EC: 231-820-9

Sodium sulfate or Glauber salt is a powder in the form of small white crystals.
Synonyms: Sodium sulphate, Sodium salt of sulfuric acid

Sodium sulfate (25 kg)


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Sodium sulfate (Glauber salt): application

  • Natural sodium sulfate is intended for use in various industries: chemical, pulp and paper, glass, oil production, oil refining, as well as for the production of synthetic detergents.
  • Around the world, large amounts of glauber salt were previously used in the production of synthetic detergents, but in many countries in recent years there has been a transition to concentrated (compact) washing powders, in which sodium sulfate is either not used or is used in small quantities.
  • The second largest use of sodium sulfate is glass production. This substance is also used in large quantities in the production of cellulose by the sulfate method, as well as in the textile, leather industry and non-ferrous metallurgy.
  • In small quantities, glauber salt is used in chemical laboratories as a dehydrating agent. Although it dehydrates organic solvents more slowly than magnesium sulfate, many people prefer it for two reasons: it is cheap and easy to filter.
  • In even smaller quantities, it was previously used in medicine and veterinary medicine as a saline laxative and as a component in nasal rinses.

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