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Antifreeze -20°C

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Composition: premium ethylene glycol, a balanced package of stabilizing and anti-corrosion additives, dye that ensures prompt detection of leaks.

The coolant -20°C is used in stationary heating systems, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Upon request: we can prepare coolant of any concentration or according to your recipes (from 100 liters).

Price for 1000l without IBC container (possibility to buy or rent).


Antifreeze -20°C


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Antifreeze -20°C: Effective protection for heating systems based on ethylene glycol

Modern heating systems require reliable heat transfer fluids, and we offer a high-quality solution – antifreeze for heating systems based on ethylene glycol. This product is designed to ensure optimal heat transfer, guaranteeing effective operation of the heating system in all conditions.


The antifreeze is suitable for various heating systems, providing effective protection against cold. It is ideal for both private homes and commercial buildings. Thanks to its unique properties, our liquid for heating systems ensures a long service life and efficient heat transfer, which is crucial for the operation of heating systems.

Advantages of use:

  • High-quality ethylene glycol base
  • Effective heat transfer in all weather conditions
  • Long-lasting product with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Suitable for both private and commercial heating systems

Antifreeze for heating systems – where to buy?

«ChemLV» store offers to purchase antifreeze for heating systems based on ethylene glycol, which are widely in demand in heating equipment and heat exchange systems. Our company has been producing coolants for more than 20 years.

Products are supplied in bulk, but it is possible to purchase products from one canister (25 l).

Ways to buy:

Also available: ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, glycerin, distilled water.

Additional information


25 L canister (27 kg), Barrel 200 l (210 kg), Eurocube 1000 l (1050 kg)


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