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Sodium hypochlorite solution 15%

 45.25 943.80 /pc.

  • Formula: NaClO
  • Cas: 7681-52-9
  • EC: 231-668-3
  • UN: UN 1791

Sodium hypochlorite solution: professional disinfection with high efficiency. Provides reliable surface protection.

 45.25 /pc.
 257.25 /pc.
 943.80 /pc.

Sodium hypochlorite solution 15%


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Sodium Hypochlorite: Effective Disinfection Solution

Sodium hypochlorite is your reliable ally in the fight against viruses and bacteria, ensuring the highest level of safety. Our solution of sodium hypochlorite not only effectively eliminates harmful microorganisms but also provides long-term protection for surfaces, water, and air. Easily integrating into your daily routine, this product becomes an indispensable tool in maintaining the cleanliness and safety of your space.


  • High Concentration of Active Chlorine: Ensures rapid and complete elimination of viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
  • Economical Packaging: Convenient containers in various volumes for optimal use in different situations.
  • Neutral Odor: Without a sharp smell, making usage comfortable for everyone.


1. Medical Institutions:

  • Disinfection of surfaces in wards, offices, and laboratories.
  • Sterilization of medical equipment and instruments.
  • Ensuring air safety in surgical blocks.

2. Public Spaces:

  • Regular treatment of public transport and taxis.
  • Disinfection of handles, rails, and surfaces in shopping centers and restaurants.
  • Maintaining cleanliness in public institutions, such as schools and educational facilities.

3. Industrial Premises:

  • Disinfection of equipment and premises in industrial workshops.
  • Protecting workers from harmful microorganisms on production lines.
  • Providing sterile conditions in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

4. Home Use:

  • Disinfection of surfaces at home, including the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Purification of water in pools and ponds.
  • Family protection against infections and bacteria in everyday life.

Sodium hypochlorite – Where to Buy:

Buy sodium hypochlorite from us, ensuring yourself a high-quality and effective disinfectant.

How to buy:

  1. Place an order on our website.
  2. Call us at +371 25771311.
  3. Email us at
  4. Use the form in the “Contacts” section.
  5. Contact us for consultation and additional information about purchasing.

We also have other cleaning and disinfection products in stock: solutions of caustic soda (15%, 30%, 50%); calcium hypochlorite; calcined soda.

Ensure reliable protection for your space today!


Signal word – Danger

Stickers (Pictogram) – GHS05, GHS09

Hazard statements –

H290 – May be corrosive to metals.
H314 – Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.
H400 – Very toxic to aquatic life.
H411 – Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
EUH031 – Contact with acids releases toxic gas

Precautionary statements –

P280 – Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection
P301 + P330 + P331 – IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth. Do NOT induce vomiting
P303 + P361 + P353 – IF ON SKIN (or hair): Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin with water or shower
P305 + P351 + P338 – IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing
P310 – Immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician

UN number – UN 1791

Hazard Class – 8

Packing Group – II

Additional information

Weight6 kg

25 L canister (30 kg), 5 L canister (6 kg), Barrel 200 l (240 kg), Canister 10 l (12 kg), Eurocube 1000 l (1200 kg)

Vielas sastāvs









UN 1791

Hazard Class


Packing Group

Stickers (Pictogram)

GHS05, GHS09

Signal word



Chlorine, Oxygen, Sodium




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