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Sodium thiosulfate (25 kg)

 88.94 /pc.

  • Formula: Na2S2O3
  • Cas: 7772-98-7
  • EC: 231-867-5


  • Oil and gas production, processing
  • Mining industry - in the technology of flotation enrichment of non-ferrous metal ores (copper, zinc, lead containing)
  • Construction - concrete additives
  • Water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment
  • Leather processing
  • Textile and pulp and paper industry, cardboard production
  • Sodium thiosulfate (25 kg)


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    Sodium thiosulfate

    Sodium thiosulfate is a salt of sodium and thiosulfuric acid, which forms a pentahydrate crystalline hydrate. The substance exhibits strong reducing properties, is highly soluble in water, and slowly oxidizes in air.

    The compound reacts with strong oxidizing agents and decomposes in reaction with acids, releasing sulfur dioxide. When the pentahydrate is heated to 48 degrees Celsius, the substance forms a supersaturated solution, dissolving in the water of crystallization. At 100 degrees it dehydrates.


    The substance has the form of transparent crystals; when crushed, it is a white powder.

    Areas of use

    This salt is widely used in various fields, including:

    • in the textile industry to destroy excess hypochlorous acid used in bleaching fabrics of all types;
    • in the leather and fur industry in the production of chrome leather to ensure its softness and elasticity, adding shine and strength;
    • for the film and photo industry as a fixer for photographic images on film and photo films;
    • in the pulp and paper industry to neutralize cellulose pulp;
    • for purification of harmful impurities in wastewater treatment plants;
    • in the chemical industry as a reducing agent in the production of various cleaning and detergents.

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    Additional information

    Weight25 kg
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