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PTFE rod F4 ø 15mm x 1000mm (white)

 13.46 /pc.

  • Diameter: 15 mm
  • Length: 1000 mm

PTFE rod F4 ø 15mm x 1000mm (white)


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Buy Fluoroplastic rod F4 ø 15mm x 1000mm (white) from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Intended use PTFE rod F4 ø 15mm x 1000mm (white) – Seal for pumps | Bearing material | Material for making | Material for making rollers | Material for the manufacture of membranes | Material for the manufacture of sealing elements | Material for the manufacture of seals |

Applied – Engineering | Electrical engineering | Electronics | Instrumentation | Chemical industry | Pharmaceutical industry | Medicine | Construction | Textile industry | Food industry |

Description PTFE rod F4 ø 15mm x 1000mm (white)

Fluoroplast rod is a material that is used in the chemical and food industries. As well as mechanical engineering, automotive, electrical engineering, electronics and medicine.

The wide distribution of PTFE material is justified by a number of unique properties and technical characteristics, high chemical resistance to many aggressive environments, low friction coefficient, equality of static and dynamic friction coefficients, high heat resistance, high dielectric properties, environmentally friendly, physiological and biological harmlessness , corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, low gas permeability, non-combustible and self-extinguishing when ignited, etc.

Long operating temperature range from -269°C to +260°C.

Electrical insulating properties of PTFE do not change up to +200°C, and chemical properties up to +300°C.

This material is well processed by turning, drilling, milling and grinding.

It has a diameter of 8 to 400 mm and a length of 350 mm to 1000 mm.

Fluoroplast is used to make: sheet fluoroplastic, fluoroplastic rods, tubes, FUM tape. As well as various details according to customer drawings and much more.

Production of products and parts from PTFE has a number of features:
– low thermal conductivity does not allow heat to spread inside the polymer. This can cause heating of the tool and the workpiece itself;
– the presence of a large coefficient of linear expansion can distort the dimensions of the workpiece, which affects the accuracy of its manufacture;
– due to the tendency to cold fluidity, under the influence of a load on fluorolone products, even at low temperatures, deformations become noticeable;
– processing of the material should be carried out at room temperature, not higher than 20 ° C, so that the dimensions of the finished product correspond to the drawings.

The polymer provides ample opportunities for manufacturing:
– sealing cuffs and gaskets for sealing joints;
– slide bearings and bearings;
– test tubes, flasks, bowls, funnels, various utensils;
– separating funnels and pipettes;
– accessories for pumps;
– lining liners for apparatuses of the chemical, food and medical industries;
– parts of medical devices and instruments that are constantly sterilized;
– bellows of various configurations;
– electrical insulators;
electrical insulating pads.

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1000 mm




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