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Magnesium sulfate (25 kg)

 56.25 /pc.

  • Formula: MgSO4
  • Cas: 7487-88-9
  • EC: 231-298-2

Magnesium fertilizer for a wide range of crops, a valuable source of magnesium and sulfur for the full development of plants.

Magnesium sulfate (25 kg)


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Magnesium sulfate: Plant growth stimulator

Magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) is a magnesium fertilizer for a wide range of crops, an important source of magnesium and sulfur for full fasting and fruit development. Let’s dissolve in water not caking fertilizer. It finds application in vegetable growing on various types of soil, both open and protected. Use any irrigation system for spraying field, vegetable, ornamental and other crops.

Magnesium deficiency is more common in light and acidic soils. Of garden crops, potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers react most badly to a lack of magnesium. The lack of magnesium can be seen by the following sign – the leaf areas between the veins turn yellow and darken, and then die off completely.

Magnesium sulfate for plants and its application

Together with nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers in the spring, when preparing the soil, they apply 7-10 g/m2 for cucumbers, tomatoes, 12-15 g/m2 for other vegetable and ornamental crops, and 30-35 g/m2 for fruit trees.

Root top dressing during the growing season is carried out with a solution of magnesium sulfate at the rate of 25 g / 10 l of water, every 15-20 days.

For foliar dressings (by spraying), a working solution of 15 g / 10 l of water is used. Depending on the crop and the size of the vegetative mass, the consumption of the working solution during spraying is:

  • for vegetable, annual flower crops 1-1.5 l/m2
  • raspberries, currants and other shrubs 1.5-2 l/m2
  • fruit trees 2-3 liters per young and 5-10 liters per adult tree

Also, to achieve high results, it is recommended to use magnesium sulfate together with a solution of carbamide (urea) (the amount for preparing the solution is selected depending on the varietal needs and the growing season of the cultivated crop) and trace elements.

The scope of this chemical raw material is not limited to agriculture. Magnesium sulfate is used:

  • for the production of magnesian cement;
  • for the production of fire-resistant products from cellulose, as well as a filler, an important component of paper (responsible for improving the physical and mechanical properties of the material after bleaching);
  • in the preparation of detergents and disinfectants, including for the stabilization of the composition;
  • in the textile industry – as a filler, when dyeing;
  • for the preparation of fire-resistant compositions, impregnation of combustible materials;
  • it is also used in the chemical industry, in metallurgical enterprises.

Where to buy and what is the price?

You can buy magnesium sulfate in our ChemLV store. We are always trying to make our prices more affordable.

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