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Carburizer (30 kg)

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The carburizer is intended for the production of alloy steel, carburization of steel parts and water purification. It consists of charcoal grains coated with a film of barium carbonate.

Carburizer (30 kg)


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A carburizer is a flammable, refractory substance that does not dissolve in water. High carbon content, a minimum amount of impurities and a specific internal structure ensure the effectiveness of the material in the processes of saturating alloys with carbon.

This coal is produced by pyrolysis of wood. This process involves processing raw materials at high temperatures in an oxygen-free environment. As a result, the material is saturated with carbon and acquires the desired properties.

It is a solid material in the form of charcoal grains.


Carburizer is used in the production of alloy steel. This refers to out-of-furnace alloying, which is performed using a circulation degasser. Thanks to the properties of the charcoal carburizer, carbon assimilation during steel processing is up to 94%. The use of this product ensures the highest alloying precision.

This material is used as a filter for water purification. The fine-porous structure of the substance ensures high-quality filtration of liquids. The pores of the carburizer granules trap various impurities and harmful microorganisms contained in running water. After some time, the pores become clogged, and the material must be rehabilitated using special solutions. Purified water can be used for both cooking and technical purposes.


The carburizer is a large solid grain with a microporous structure. The material burns well and does not dissolve in water.

Barium carbonate in the carburizer must be at least 20%. In addition, this carburizer contains calcium carbonate, total sulfur, and sulfur dioxide.

The material belongs to class 3 in terms of danger to human health. When using a carburizer, precautions must be taken. Because when using this product, flammable dust rises into the air.

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