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Textolite ≠ 60 mm, ~1000×2000 mm

 2,042.54 /pc.

  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm

Textolite ≠ 60 mm, ~1000×2000 mm


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Buy Textolite ≠ 60 mm from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Purpose Textolite ≠ 60 mm, ~1000×2000 mm – Material for printed circuit boards | Material for electrical insulation | Material for waterproofing parts | Material for the manufacture of bearings | Material for the manufacture of gears | Material for the manufacture of inserts | Material for the manufacture of pulleys | Material for the manufacture of pads

Applied – Power Engineering | Electrical Equipment | Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Radio Engineering

Description Textolite ≠ 60 mm, ~1000×2000 mm

You can buy textolite in the form of plates, the thickness of which can be from 0.5 mm, and rods, the length of which can reach 1 m, and the diameter from 8 mm. It is in demand in production activities, especially in electrical engineering, radio engineering, automotive and mechanical engineering, in the manufacture of furniture, in the decoration of premises, in the manufacture of computer equipment.

In the manufacture, calico, calico, chiffon and other woven or non-woven fabric made of natural, synthetic or mineral substances, as well as polymer components such as polyester, epoxy, organosilicon resin, etc. can be used. The production process is as follows: pieces of canvas are placed in containers where they are impregnated with resins. After that, they are squeezed, dried, sliced, hot pressing method is used and cooled under pressure. The result is a high-strength laminated plastic.

Its technical characteristics depend on the composition of the textolite. The fabric gives compressive strength and increased toughness. The material withstands cutting, turning, drilling and other types of processing well, without forming stratifications, cracks, chips.

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2000 mm


1000 mm


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