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Sodium hydrosulfite 90% (50 kg)

 349.39 /pc.

  • Formula: Na2S2O4
  • Cas: 7775-14-6
  • EC: 231-890-0
  • UN: UN 1384

Sodium hydrosulfite 90% (50 kg)


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Intended use Sodium hydrosulfite 90% (50 kg) – Food supplement Е222 | Component for dyeing fabrics and fibers | Water Filtration & Equipment Sterilization | Leather tanning | Stump removal

Applied – Food industry | Textile industry | Pharmaceutical industry | Leather industry | Agriculture

Description Sodium hydrosulfite 90% (50 kg)

Sodium hydrosulfite (Sodium dithionite) is an inorganic compound, an alkali metal salt of sodium and an unstable dithionic acid with the chemical formula Na2S2O4.

Sodium dithionite decomposes when heated, in hot water, with acid in the cold and at room temperature. It is easily oxidized by atmospheric oxygen, restores low-active metals.

Sodium dithionite is explosion-proof.

In appearance, sodium dithionite (sodium hydrosulfite) is a free-flowing white fine-crystalline powder.

Sodium dithionite (sodium hydrosulfite) is recommended to be transported and stored under the following conditions:

Sodium dithionite is transported by all available modes of transport (except air), in covered vehicles in accordance with the rules for the carriage of goods.
It is necessary to store sodium hydrosulfite in closed original packaging, in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area and only on pallets.
Under the conditions of transportation and storage in unopened original packaging, the warranty period of storage of sodium dithionite (sodium hydrosulfite) is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Sodium dithionite (sodium hydrosulfite) is widely used in industry:

Sodium dithionite is used to make white pigments.
In the textile industry, sodium dithionite is used primarily as a reducing agent for vat dyes, for reducing cleaning in the dyeing of polyester, and for removing direct, active dyes in the dyeing of cotton.
Sodium dithionite is used for water treatment.
Sodium dithionite is used in light, chemical, food, leather and other industries.


Signal word – Danger

Stickers (Pictogram) – GHS02, GHS07

Hazard statements –

H251 – Heats up spontaneously; fire hazard
H302 – Harmful if swallowed
EUH031 – Contact with acids releases poisonous gas

Precautionary statements –

P235 + P410 – Keep cool. Keep out of the sun
P264 – Wash face, hands and all exposed skin thoroughly after handling
P301 + P312 – IF SWALLOWED: Call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician if feeling unwell
P305 + P351 + P338 – IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if you use them and if it’s easy to do so. Continue rinsing

UN number – UN 1384

Hazard Class – 4.2

Packing Group – II

Additional information

Weight50 kg
Vielas sastāvs



Barrel 50 kg








UN 1384

Hazard Class


Packing Group

Stickers (Pictogram)

GHS02, GHS07

Signal word





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