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Synthetic winterizer ≠ ~ 8mm, 70gr/m2, W = 1500mm

 2.50 /m.

  • Length: Running meter
  • Width: 1500 mm
  • Thickness: -

Applications: for overalls, for hunting, fishing, tourism and outdoor activities, for down jackets, jackets, overalls, raincoats and hats, for filters.

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Synthetic winterizer ≠ ~ 8mm, 70gr/m2, W = 1500mm


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Synthetic winterizer is a non-woven synthetic material produced in the form of a web of various thicknesses and widths. It has a porous structure and is artificial, but much more durable and durable analogue of cotton wool or foam rubber. This material retains heat well, but allows air to pass through, has a low weight, does not cause allergies, and therefore is perfect for making winter and demi-season clothing. In addition, the polyester batting is easy to wash and dries quickly, does not absorb odors and does not have its own.

Basic properties:
– lightness, low weight;
– low hygroscopicity;
– thermal insulation properties;
– low melting point;
– non-toxicity and safety;
– resistance to deformation.

– products made of this polyester batting are light and soft;
– retains heat well;
– unpretentiousness in leaving;
– affordable price;
– does not wrinkle or deform.

Base for furniture upholstery | Pillow filler | Blanket filler | Mattress filling | Stuffing for soft toys | Warm clothes filler | Filter material | Filter material | Filtration material |

Synthetic winterizer. Areas of use

A versatile, lightweight and inexpensive material finds a wide variety of applications as an insulating material, soft padding, bulk filler. It is used:

– production of insulated bedding (blankets, bedspreads, sleeping bags);
– production of upholstered furniture (synthetic winterizer or polyester batting is used as a filler between the body and upholstery of armchairs and sofas);
– production of insulated clothing for children and adults;
– as a filler for bedding, camping equipment, decorative items, soft toys, etc.
– as a filter material, in particular in aquariums;
– construction and decoration of buildings – often a synthetic winterizer is used as a facade insulation.

Looking for where to buy synthetic winterizer and a good price? Always available: large selection of technical fabrics: car fabrics; tarpaulin; awning fabric; dermantin; burlap; fiberglass; foam rubber.

Contact our specialists in Riga to buy a synthetic winterizer for bedspreads and blankets wholesale and retail from a reliable supplier at a bargain price.

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Running meter



Running meter


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