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Silicone rubber ≠ 5x1200mm

 133.51 /m.

  • Length: Running meter
  • Width: 1200 mm
  • Thickness: 5 mm

Shore hardness: 60
Conditional strength: 11.5 MPa
Temperature range: -60°С to +230°С
Elongation to break: 500%

Silicone rubber sheet 5mm is a versatile material that can withstand a wider temperature range than other synthetic rubber materials. In addition to temperature resistance, silicone rubber material is also water resistant and a good electrical insulator. The silicone plate has high elasticity and stretchability.

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Silicone rubber ≠ 5x1200mm


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Silicone rubber ≠ 5mm*1200mm

Silicone rubber 5mm is an elastic material produced from high molecular weight silicon compounds with organic substances. Outwardly, it is similar to traditional rubber, but thanks to the special characteristics endowed by its chemical structure, it occupies a separate position among elastic materials.
Silicone rubber has a structure made up of chains of silicon and oxygen atoms. Fastened together with single cross-links. It owes its somewhat inorganic properties to this structure. The bonds of silicon atoms formed by methyl, mainly organic, radicals give the material a resemblance to other types of rubber. And a small ratio of vinyl groups in combination with methyl groups of polymer chains improves the effectiveness of the processes of formation of network structures for peroxide reactions.
The special properties of silicone rubber contribute to its widespread use in electrical engineering. In addition, a number of characteristics of this elastomer allow it to be used in conditions where other rubber materials cannot be used. This applies to operating temperature limits in the range from -60 °C to +230 °C while maintaining the constant quality characteristics of porous silicone rubber.

Characteristics of 5mm silicone rubber

Silicone rubber 5mm is widely used in almost all industries. The list of products made from it is presented:

  • cable and wire sheaths, where the vulcanized form of the elastomer in question is used as an electrical insulator;
  • tapes made of polyester fiber, the surfaces of which are covered with siliconized rubber;
  • sealants;
  • key switches that are equipped with electronic amplifiers;
  • sealing parts;
  • electrical insulators;
  • hoses;
  • conveyor belts;
  • coatings for shafts with heat-resistant and anti-agdesic properties;
  • products for pharmaceutical enterprises and medical institutions.

Advantages of 5mm thick silicone rubber

Advantages of silicone rubber products:

  • Duration of operation is 10-20 years.
  • Heat resistance.
  • Fire safety, spontaneous combustion temperature not lower than 600-700 °C.
  • No sticking (anti-adhesion).
  • Low gas emission; no toxic substances are released into the atmosphere during combustion.
  • Dielectric properties even in conditions of high humidity and in water.
  • No residual deformations, preservation of the structure during long-term static compression.
  • Biochemical inertness.
  • Tensile strength.
  • Atmospheric, radiation resistance.

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