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Salt tablets (25 kg)

 9.98 /pc.

  • Formula: NaCl
  • Cas: 7647-14-5
  • EC: 231-598-3

Salt for:

  • - water softening
  • - water purification
  • - for home filters
  • - for disinfection of water in swimming pools
  • - for dishwasher
  • - for washing machines

Salt tablets (25 kg)


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Salt tablets (25 kg)

Salt tablets is an innovative product designed to provide high-quality water purification and softening in domestic and industrial conditions. This unique type of salt comes in compact tablets specially designed for ease of use and precise dosing.

The key component of tableted salt is high-quality raw salt that has been carefully processed and purified. This process ensures that there are no impurities or contaminants, making salt tablets an ideal solution for a variety of water-related applications.

One of the main uses of salt tablets is water purification. The tablets dissolve easily, providing quick and effective removal of contaminants, including metals, chlorine and other harmful substances. This is especially true for water supply and filtration systems, where tableted salt can significantly increase the efficiency of water purification.

Salt for water treatment in tablet form is also an environmentally friendly option. Its use reduces the need to use chemicals usually used for water purification. Thus, water softening salt is becoming a key element in the quest for environmentally friendly and sustainable water treatment methods.

In addition, tablet salt is used in the field of water softening. It helps eliminate excess minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This in turn reduces the formation of scale in water supply systems and household appliances. This means that water softener salt not only ensures clean water, but also extends the life of home appliances, which is an important aspect for consumers.

In conclusion, salt tablets is an innovative solution for keeping your water clean and soft. Its use in water treatment and softening systems makes it an essential component for maintaining the health and longevity of water systems in homes, businesses and other facilities. Tablet salt is a key element in providing high quality water for a variety of needs, while its ease of use makes it a popular choice among consumers.

You can buy salt tablets for water in any required quantity in the Chem.LV store. A well-functioning delivery service will deliver as quickly as possible. The price of the product will depend on the volume purchased.

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Weight25 kg
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