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Polyacetal rod ø 35 mm x 1000 mm (POM-C)

 22.98 /pc.

  • Diameter: 35 mm
  • Length: 1000 mm

Polyacetal rod ø 35 mm x 1000 mm (POM-C)


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Buy Polyacetal rod ø 35 mm x 1000 mm (POM-C) from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Intended use Polyacetal rod ø 35 mm x 1000 mm (POM-C) – Bearing material | Material for making moving parts | Material for the manufacture of spring products | Material for the manufacture of spare parts for pumps | Material for the manufacture of food packaging |

Applied in – Medicine | Food industry | Mechanical engineering |

Description Polyacetal rod ø 35 mm x 1000 mm (POM-C)

Polyacetal POM-C (polyformaldehyde, polyoxymethylene) – a polymeric material, engineering plastic for structural purposes with highly effective physical and chemical and operational properties and characteristics, is used in many areas of modern industry, where metal and alloy parts are often replaced with polyacetal polymer. Polyacetal POM-C has a highly crystalline structure and combines a high tensile and flexural modulus with a sufficiently high impact strength, is one of the best materials for products that are subjected to repeated mechanical stress, shock loads, stretching and vibration. POM-C also has good anti-friction characteristics, high resistance to organic solvents, alkalis, technical liquids (except for concentrated acids), and ultraviolet radiation. The polymer is easy to color, allows laser marking, welding is performed using ultrasound. Polyacetal POM-C practically does not absorb moisture, acetal parts are used to work in water.

Properties and physico-chemical characteristics of polyacetal:
✔Dense crystal structure.
✔High molecular weight and density.
✔Good degree of impact strength, including low temperature range, elasticity and resilience.
✔High strength, hardness and rigidity.
✔Very good friction/slip performance, abrasion resistance, release properties.
✔High chemical resistance, especially to alkalis, solvents and fuels.
✔Good stability over the operating temperature range.
✔Moisture absorption is low.
✔Good dimensional stability, even in high humidity and in aquatic environments.
✔Very low dielectric constant.
✔ Can contact with food, human; physically inert material.

Additional information

Vielas sastāvs



1000 mm


15 kg


35 mm


Ø 35×1000 mm








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