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Perlite 100 L (11 kg)

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Perlite 100 L (11 kg)


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Buy Perlite 100 l (11 kg) from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Purpose Perlite 100 L (11 kg) – Food cleaning agent | Waste water treatment agent | Waste water filtration agent | Waste water disinfection agent | Fabric bleach | Fabric Softener

Applied – Food industry | Housing and communal services | Textile industry | Cosmetic industry

Description Perlite 100 L (11 kg)

In the food industry, vegetable oil, beer, wine, juices, sugar syrups and other products are purified using perlite filters. Rotary drum vacuum filters are mainly used for cleaning. They filter liquids with a high concentration of impurities in a continuous automatic mode. The liquid is drawn through the perlite layer by the force of vacuum and is cleaned: turbidity, unwanted impurities and foreign tastes disappear. Unlike other filtering substances, perlite does not change the color, taste and aroma of products. After filtration, the perlite remains porous and does not shrink, so you can easily remove impurities and excess from the filter.

Perlite granules of larger fractions are used for long-term storage of food products.

In pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, oils, suspensions and solutions are purified with the help of perlite. Filtration occurs in the same way as in the food industry: preparations are pulled through a layer of perlite sand by vacuum force. This is how the products are cleaned of bacteria and impurities.

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