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Paronite Temasil ≠ 1 mm, 1500×1500 mm

 63.58 /pc.

  • Length: 1500 mm
  • Width: 1500 mm
  • Thickness: 1 mm

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Paronite Temasil ≠ 1 mm, 1500×1500 mm


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Buy Temasil Paronite ≠ 1 mm, 1500×1500 mm from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Intended use Paronite Temasil ≠ 1 mm, 1500×1500 mm – Gasket material | Gasket for water | Gasket for steam | Gasket for oil | Sealing material for gases | Gasket for oil | Gasket material for general environments | Gasket material for chemical products |

Applied – Chemical industry | Transport | Metallurgy | Maritime transport | Food industry |

Description Paronite Temasil ≠ 1 mm, 1500×1500 mm

Asbestos-free paronite is a sheet sealing material designed for the production of gaskets of various configurations and sizes. The components of asbestos-free paronite are aramid or other synthetic fibers, inorganic fillers and rubber. These are modern materials used for sealing fixed, collapsible joints. Various tanks, devices, fittings, covers, pipelines providing tightness in a wide range of temperatures and pressures. Able to work in various environments: fresh and sea water, steam, inert gases, air, oil products. As well as lubricants, aqueous solutions of salts, nitrogen, acids).

TEMASIL brand asbestos-free paronite

Used in working environments such as: air, nitrogen, ammonia, salts, alkalis, organic and inorganic acids (including 20% nitric acid) inorganic, organic, heavy and light petroleum products, water, natural gas, solvents, oils, phenol, cyclohexanone, methylene chloride. See the chemical resistance table for more information. Maximum pressure and temperature cannot be used at the same time. On request, the material can be supplied in the so-called atomic version (ash content <0.15% and chloride content, 20 ppm).

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1500 mm


1 mm


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1500 mm


1x1500x1500 mm








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