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Paronite Temafast ≠ 0.8 mm, 1500×1500 mm

 36.25 /pc.

  • Length: 1500 mm
  • Width: 1500 mm
  • Thickness: 0.8 mm

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Paronite Temafast ≠ 0.8 mm, 1500×1500 mm


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Buy Paronite Temafast ≠ 0.8 mm, 1500×1500 mm from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Purpose of Paronite Temafast ≠ 0.8 mm, 1500×1500 mm – Sealant material | Material for sealing parts | Gasket material | Sealing material | Gasket material |

Applicable – Chemical industry | Transport | Metallurgy | Maritime transport | Food industry |

Description Paronite Temafast ≠ 0.8 mm, 1500×1500 mm

Paronite is a sealing or cushioning material consisting of a mixture of asbestos fibers and rubber. In this case, we present a gasket material that is produced without the use of asbestos and at the same time surpasses Paronite in characteristics, it was called asbestos-free paronite.

Temafast asbestos-free paronite is quickly gaining its place in the market due to the characteristics that are better than ordinary paronite, and it is worth noting that the price of asbestos-free paronite is very loyal, comparable to ordinary paronite and sometimes even better.

Regardless of the presence of asbestos, Paronite is a cushioning material. And in this case, asbestos-free paronite Temafast is a gasket material that was developed to replace paronite. The development took place taking into account new environmental requirements, and based on the experience of long-term use of paronite, and thanks to the use of new technologies, it became possible to obtain a material with improved characteristics.

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1500 mm


0.8 mm


3,42 kg


1500 mm


0,8x1500x1500 mm








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