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Microporous rubber ≠ 15 mm, 1000×2000 mm (self-adhesive)

 137.94 /pc.

  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Thickness: 15 mm

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Microporous rubber ≠ 15 mm, 1000×2000 mm (self-adhesive)


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Buy Microporous rubber ≠ 15 mm, 1000×2000 mm (self-adhesive) from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Intended use Microporous rubber ≠ 15 mm, 1000×2000 mm (self-adhesive) – Sealing material | Soundproofing material | Soundproofing material | Vibration isolation material | Thermal insulation material |

Is used in – Soundproofing | Thermal insulation | Vibration isolation | Seal |

Description Microporous rubber ≠ 15 mm, 1000×2000 mm (self-adhesive)

Porous rubber is an elastic material, the main components of which are hard rubber or latex. This material has received many names, each of which expresses the composition or properties of such rubber.

The purpose of microporous rubber is to act as a raw material for the manufacture of various parts. These parts are further used as all kinds of seals. These seals help protect against dust ingress. An additional function of products made of elastic material is gap compensation and cushioning effect.

Sheet rubber consists of numerous interconnected cells. These cells have the property of passing air. In a cubic centimeter of material, there are up to one million pores, which can be at least ten thousand in a given volume. The walls of the cells are the thinnest layer of rubber. The principle of operation of the material is the implementation of air transmission at the slightest, even insignificant, movement. For ease of use, such rubber is produced in sheets of certain sizes. Due to the compact form of release, the material is easier to store and transport.


Rubber for sealing is a versatile gasket material that finds applications in a wide variety of industries. It is convenient to use such rubber in shipbuilding, oil and gas and chemical industries. As well as aircraft construction, in the construction of various structures and structures. The properties of this porous substance are such that it can be used for various purposes – not only for sealing, but also for sealing, noise and vibration insulation and thermal insulation.

Sealing rubber has good durability qualities, so it can extend the life of machines, appliances, bridges and structures. The material is produced in various forms – it can be sheets, rolls or self-adhesive. Modern technologies allow manufacturers to produce porous rubber not only in black, but also in white.

Rubber material in rolls has unique properties due to which it has found application in various industries. The material is mainly used as sealing elements for fixed joints. Sponge rubber also makes excellent sealing gaskets. In the field of electrical appliances, it is used as an electrical insulating layer. The material can be used in various aggressive environments: under the influence of ionizing radiation, in fuel and air.

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