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Graphite cord, ø 8x8mm

 3.69 /m.

  • Diameter: 8x8 mm
  • Length: Running meter

Graphite cord, ø 8x8mm


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Buy Graphite cord, ø 8x8mm from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Purpose Graphite cord, ø 8x8mm – Material for thermal insulation of joints | Furnace sealer | Material for thermal insulation of fireplaces | Material for thermal insulation of boilers | Chimney sealer | Joint sealer in thermal units |

Applied – Energy | Housing and communal services | Construction industry |

Description Graphite Cord

Heat-resistant braided cord for sealing stove and fireplace doors, as well as pipe connections where high temperature resistance is required.

Braided stuffing boxes are the most common type of sealing materials used to fill the stuffing boxes of valves, centrifugal and piston pumps, various devices. More than 70% of pumps and 80% of fittings are equipped with these gaskets. The operational properties of stuffing boxes depend on their composition and structure: – according to the composition of stuffing boxes, stuffing boxes are divided into asbestos and asbestos-free (based on cotton and bast fibers), dry (pure and graphitized) and impregnated (with fat, graphite-glue compositions, fluoroplast suspension), reinforced (brass wire); – according to the structure of weaving stuffing boxes there are: through, single- and multi-layer core weaving. The correct choice and application of the type of stuffing box type largely determine the operability and reliability of equipment operation.

– thermal insulation and sealing of the doors of stoves, fireplaces, boilers;
– curtains and curtains in thermal production;
– fire protection systems;
– sealing and thermal insulation of heat units;
– insulation of cables and pipes;
– furnaces in the aluminum industry;
– fire protection systems.


– provides a tight fit of the sash of the stove or fireplace door;
– high strength;
– durability;
– dimensional accuracy;
– resistance to erosion, acids, oils, flame;
– low thermal conductivity;
– resistance to thermal shocks and heat changes.

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Additional information

Vielas sastāvs



Running meter


Running meter


0,06 kg


8×8 mm


Ø 8×8 mm








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