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Glass tape, ≠ 0.15 mm, 25 mm x 50 m

 13.79 /pc.

  • Length: 50000 mm
  • Width: 25 mm
  • Thickness: 0.15 mm

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Glass tape, ≠ 0.15 mm, 25 mm x 50 m


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Buy Glass Tape, ≠ 0.15 mm, 25 mm x 50 m from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Intended use Glass tape, ≠ 0.15 mm, 25 mm x 50 m – Electrical insulation of cables | Winding in electric motors | Winding in generators | Winding for transformers | Insulation in instrumentation | Thermal insulation of pipelines of small diameter | Making small fiberglass parts

Applicable – Energy | Electronics | Instrumentation


A linen weave ribbon. It is made on shuttleless looms from twisted complex glass yarns. The lubricating agent is an emulsion of paraffin. The tape is used as an insulator for electrical machines and wires, has high strength, and is resistant to high voltage.

Glass tape is produced by weaving a narrow web of twisted composite glass fibers (obtained from aluminoborosilicate glass). Shuttleless high-speed automatic machines have reduced the cost of producing glass tapes, due to a non-critical reduction in quality: these tapes have edges and thickenings and can unravel at the edges.


Glass tape has a high dielectric strength. Various tape thicknesses from 0.10 mm to 0.20 mm, with a step of 0.05 mm, make it possible to select a variant of this material and use it in the electrical industry:
– creation of durable high-voltage and low-voltage electrical insulation for cables of various diameters operating at high humidity;
– installation of windings in electric motors and generators;
– production of windings for various transformers;
– insulation in instrumentation;
– thermal insulation of pipelines of small diameter;
– production of small fiberglass parts.

Additional information

Vielas sastāvs



50000 mm


0.15 mm


0,5 kg


25 mm


≠ 0,15×25 mm (50m)








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