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Getinax ≠ 5 mm, ~1000×2000 mm


  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Thickness: 5 mm

Getinax ≠ 5 mm, ~1000×2000 mm


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Buy Getinax ≠ 5 mm, ~1000×2000 mm from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Purpose Getinax ≠ 5 mm, ~1000×2000 mm – Material for printed circuit boards | Material for electrical insulation | Material for waterproofing parts | Material for the manufacture of bearings | Material for the manufacture of gears | Material for the manufacture of inserts | Material for the manufacture of pulleys | Material for the manufacture of pads

Applied – Power Engineering | Electrical Equipment | Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Radio Engineering

Description Getinax ≠ 5 mm, ~1000×2000 mm

Getinax is a multilayer electrically insulating pressed material that is created by hot pressing paper impregnated with resins. Getinax can be bought in specialized stores wholesale or retail, sheets are from 0.2 mm to 100 mm thick. Cellulose paper and phenol-formaldehyde and thermoactive resins are used for its manufacture. The spheres of use of getinax differ depending on the conditions of manufacture of the material:

In radio electronics. Sheets of material are used for electronic stamped boards, for insulation in the device of transformers. Gaskets, washers, bushings, covers for electrical insulation are made from getinax.
In construction and furniture production. Getinax sheets are used both for decoration and as a finishing material. Getinax sheet, which you can buy at an affordable price, will be an excellent material for a stylish room decor.
The popularity of the material is explained by its affordable cost and a set of valuable properties. The electrical insulation qualities of the material depend on several indicators in the aggregate. The humidity level of the external environment matters. To improve performance, a lacquer coating is applied to its surface.


Thanks to a set of valuable properties and affordable cost, getinax is actively used in production and in everyday life. Getinax has the following characteristics:
– the material withstands a wide range of temperature differences – from -65 to +105 degrees Celsius;
– resistant to chemical environment;
– easily amenable to various types of machining;
– has high dielectric characteristics;
– the material is moisture resistant due to the lacquer coating;
– the material is eco-friendly, has no toxicity indicators;
– the electrical insulation characteristics of getinax depend on the humidity indicators of the external environment, therefore, to increase them, the material is varnished.

It will not be difficult to buy high-quality getinax in Riga, but first it is necessary to determine which of its properties are advantageous for specific target works.

Getinax is an excellent modern environmentally friendly replacement for plastic. It is quite easy to work with it, but you need some experience and skills, so it is better to entrust the processing of the material to a qualified master who has the appropriate technical training. Getinax can be bought in Riga wholesale and retail on the website of the company “Chem LV”.

Additional information

Vielas sastāvs



2000 mm


5 mm


1,47 kg


1000 mm


≠ 5x1000x2000 mm








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