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Gasoline resistant rubber ≠ 10 mm, 1200 mm, 60 Sha (NBR)

 78.49 /m.

  • Length: Running meter
  • Width: 1200 mm
  • Thickness: 10 mm

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Gasoline resistant rubber ≠ 10 mm, 1200 mm, 60 Sha (NBR)


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Buy Petrol Resistant Rubber ≠ 10 mm, 1200 mm, 60 Sha (NBR) from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Purpose Gasoline resistant rubber ≠ 1.5 mm, 1200 mm, 60 Sha (NBR) – Oil resistant rubber | NBR rubber

Used in – Chemical industry | Electrical engineering | Construction | Mechanical engineering |

Description Gasoline resistant rubber ≠ 10 mm, 1200 mm, 60 Sha (NBR)

Oil-and-petrol resistant rubber is a high-quality rubber product, designated by the abbreviation NBR. This material is suitable for use in various environments. It is used in any rooms, containers and vessels, also with an environment with inert gases. Often, such rubber is used in a fuel environment, if the basis of the fuel is oil or gasoline.

NBR easily withstands temperatures ranging from -30 to +80 degrees Celsius. Gasoline and oil products, when exposed to this material, do not affect its shape and elasticity properties. The purpose of NBR is to seal joints that are not intended as moving elements. Also, such rubber can be used as a gasket. Gaskets eliminate the possibility of friction between surfaces made of metal and withstand single shock loads well.

Sheet rubber, which belongs to the category of oil and petrol resistant, can act as a flooring or gasket. This material is available in various thicknesses. NBR, depending on the components of the composition, can have a wide variety of useful properties. So, often it is characterized by good indicators of heat resistance, sound insulation and thermal insulation.


The most common areas of application of the material are electrical engineering, construction, mechanical engineering. Often, oil and petrol resistant rubber acts as a base for the installation of pumping and other equipment in order to prevent an undesirable vibration effect. The classification of rubber is divided into two main types: by density and resistance to environments with aggressive manifestations.

Oil-resistant type crude rubber is a mass of one of the categories of rubber compounds that has not been converted into any specific form. The material is provided to clients for the purpose of its further independent formation. From raw rubber, you can make products of the required configuration, size and other parameters.

Oil-resistant rubber is a material resistant to industrial oils. It is used for the manufacture of cuffs, seals, diaphragms and other similar products. As a rule, such rubber is produced in the form of sheets with a thickness of 6 to 12 mm. The advantages of this material include: the absence of sulfur content in the composition, resistance to oils and the ability to resist swelling.

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Running meter


10 mm


1200 mm


1,8 kg

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10×1200 mm












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