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Foam rubber ≠ 5 mm, 1200×2000 mm

 7.45 /pc.

  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Width: 1200 mm
  • Thickness: 5 mm

Density: 25 kg/m3

Hardness: 140 kPa

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Foam rubber ≠ 5 mm, 1200×2000 mm


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Foam rubber ≠ 5mm, 1200*2000mm

Foam rubber 5mm, also known as polyurethane foam, is a foamed polymer. It is an elastic material that consists of air-filled cells with thin walls. His invention can be considered accidental. Since foam rubber is a by-product of creating solid polymers from synthetic raw materials. During one of the experiments, air got into the material. The resulting foam mass interested chemists, and subsequently it was the unwanted gas bubbles that became the main advantage of foam rubber. As a result of many years of research and experiments, scientists have obtained foam rubber, which is so in demand today – a multi-purpose cellular material.

Foam rubber ≠ 5mm, 1200*2000mm and its characteristics

– Density (defined in kg/m³). The higher this indicator, the longer the service life of the material.
– Compressive stress, which characterizes the rigidity of polyurethane foam. This indicator is higher for materials with a semi-closed cell structure.
– Residual deformation. An important property that determines the ability of foam rubber to maintain its original size and shape during use. During testing, the sample is compressed by 50%, and then held in this position at a certain temperature and humidity. After removing the load, measurements are taken (for high-quality foam rubber, the residual deformation does not exceed 5%).
– Strength, or the ability to maintain integrity when stretched. For polyurethane foam with a density of 25-27 kg/m³, this figure ranges from 120 to 140 kPa.
– Comfort, or the ability to better distribute and retain force from a load, as well as softness under low compression.

Properties of polyurethane foam ≠ 5mm, 1200*2000mm

Today, manufacturers offer a large selection of polyurethane foam with various indicators of density, comfort, rigidity and strength. Despite the wide choice of types of material, all produced foam rubber has a number of common properties, including:
– safety. Foam rubber does not mold and does not emit dust, dust mites do not live in it and pathogenic bacteria do not develop, it does not contain substances that can cause allergies, therefore it is rightfully considered one of the safest materials;
– excellent heat and sound insulation characteristics. Thanks to its cellular structure, the material has good noise absorption and low thermal conductivity, making it ideal for constructing insulating layers;
– the ability to maintain elasticity during temperature fluctuations (provided there is no excess moisture).

Foam rubber 5mm – where to buy?

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