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Fiberglass tape, heat resistant, ≠ 3×150 mm

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  • Length: Running meter
  • Width: 150 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm

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Fiberglass tape, heat resistant, ≠ 3×150 mm


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Buy Fiberglass tape, heat-resistant, ≠ 3×150 mm from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Purpose Fiberglass tape, heat-resistant, ≠ 3×150 mm – Material for thermal insulation of joints | Furnace seal | Thermal insulation material for fireplaces | Thermal insulation material for boilers | Chimney seal | Sealants for joints in thermal units |

Applied – Energy | Housing and communal services | Construction industry |

Description Fiberglass tape, heat resistant, ≠ 3×150 mm

Refractory tape, or thermal bandage, is a modern material made from ceramic fiber. Able to act as high temperature insulation. This allows the use of such a thermal bandage in various industries (metallurgical, oil, chemical, glass blowing, etc.). Just like an insulating material for car mufflers or exhaust manifolds and exhaust systems in general, thermal bandage allows you to lower the temperature under the hood and maintain the pressure and flow of exhaust gases to the turbine, increasing performance and reducing turbo lag.

Thermal bandage (refractory tape) is made from ceramic fibers and is reinforced during production with fiberglass threads (used up to 650 C) or high-temperature metal wire (used up to 1050 C). Such reinforcement makes it possible to increase the strength of the refractory tape, as well as to make it easier to install by increasing the rigidity of the material.
Due to its composition, the high-temperature tape does not cause any harm to humans and the environment. Does not contain asbestos.

Ceramic fiber refractory tape has the following advantages:
– high operating temperature;
– low thermal conductivity;
– high mechanical strength and vibration resistance;
– chemical resistance;
– resistance to thermal shocks;
– long service life;
– the possibility of multiple use.

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Running meter


3 mm


Running meter


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