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Faux leather, W = 1400 mm (leatherette)

 12.47 /m.

  • Length: Running meter
  • Width: 1400 mm
  • Thickness: -

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Faux leather, W = 1400 mm (leatherette)


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Buy Faux leather, W = 1400 mm (leatherette) from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Purpose of Faux leather, W = 1400 mm (leatherette) – Material for furniture upholstery | Material for upholstery of car interiors | Material for making bags | Material for making clothes

Applicable – Furniture manufacturing | Footwear production | Clothing production | Motor transport

Description Faux leather, W = 1400 mm (leatherette)

Leatherette is an artificial leather substitute made from textiles. Universal matter is used in the manufacture of a wide variety of clothing and accessories and meets the latest fashion trends.

The use of imitation leather instead of genuine leather is primarily due to the affordability of leatherette, and more recently, ethical considerations, as more and more people are trying to replace natural fur and leather with artificial substitutes.

PU leather is a dense and soft semi-synthetic material, reminiscent of natural leather in appearance and some practical properties. Leatherette is dyed in a variety of colors, giving the product a strict or, conversely, a bright look.

This type of fabric is always made using automated machines. The process is divided into two stages: first, the base is prepared by weaving cotton fibers in a simple linen way. Then, several layers of a special chemical composition of various stabilizers, dyes, thickeners, vinyl, and an anti-flammable solution are superimposed on this base. After that, the resulting product is processed to give it the maximum similarity to the skin. At the end, a fixing layer is applied, and the material itself is sent for strength and fire resistance testing.


– high wear resistance;
– permeability (the porous structure of the cotton base eliminates the greenhouse effect);
– the ability to repel water;
– variety of designs;
– low price.

Cons of dermatin:
– complex care;
– fast flammability
– tendency to crack
– the need for treatment with means for moisturizing and softness.

Synthetic leather care

In order for a thing to serve for a long time and have a presentation, it is always hung on a coat hanger. If you often fold the jacket, the top layer begins to peel off at the folds. Bags are not washed, but periodically wiped with a sponge and soap or dish detergent. In order for the accessory to retain its shape after wet cleaning, it is pre-clogged with paper from the inside.

Artifical leather footwear care involves the application of means to give elasticity, protect against cracking and peeling of the polymer layer. To do this, there are glossy creams, sprays, emulsions, foam cleaners, special sponges, cloth and flannel napkins. Vinyl spray cleaners are sold for furniture. After spraying, they create a film that absorbs dirt. It is recommended to wipe stains on the upholstery with soapy water. If the skin is rubbed in places, liquid polymers are used for restoration, restorer paints, which are sold in sets. Care with household chemicals prolongs the service life, hides scuffs and scratches, and provides products with an attractive appearance.

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Running meter




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