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Extruded organic glass ≠ 10mm, 2050x3050mm (clear)

 484.89 /pc.

  • Length: 3050 mm
  • Width: 2050 mm
  • Thickness: 10 mm

Extruded organic glass ≠ 10mm, 2050x3050mm (clear)


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Buy Extruded organic glass ≠ 10 mm, 2050×3050 mm (transparent) from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Intended use Extruded organic glass ≠ 10 mm, 2050×3050 mm (transparent) – Material for protective screens | Soundproofing material | Stand material | Showcase material | Podium material | Material for greenhouses | Material for greenhouses | Material for verandas | Material for decorative finishing |

Applied – Production of noise barriers | Manufacture of protective covers | Window production | Manhole production | Construction industry | Medicine | Chemical industry | Transport | Aviation |


For the purpose of glazing doors, the production of aquariums, greenhouses, shelves and other products, such material as sheet plexiglass is actively used today. You can also buy plexiglass for the purpose of decorative interior decoration.

Extruded organic glass is a synthetic material based on acrylic resins. To give this material special properties, various additives are additionally mixed into its composition. Due to this, organic glass is characterized by incredible strength and a high degree of translucency.

Having decided to buy organic glass in bulk, a potential buyer will be able to use this material in the following areas of application:

– lighting equipment (diffusers, plafonds);
– architecture (dance floors, partitions, domes);
– equipment for trade (stands, showcases);
– transport (glazing of ships, aircraft and other vehicles);
– decor (interior design of living quarters);
– plumbing (pipes, equipment for bathrooms, swimming pools, etc.).
This material is also used in products for economic and household purposes. It is used to make greenhouses, table glass, craft boxes, planters and many other products.

Organic glass has an excellent:

– transparency;
– smoothness;
– light transmission;
– stable thickness;
– good optical properties;
– resistance to ultraviolet, chemical and mechanical stress.

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3050 mm


10 mm




2050 mm


75,03 kg


10x2050x3050 mm






European Union


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