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Epoxy resin D.E.R. 331

 16.99 80.38 /pc.

Base epoxy resin D.E.R. 331 viscous, completely transparent is used in the manufacture of composites, in the repair and creation of plastic car parts, construction, jewelry, and design.

To harden epoxy resin, an additional component is required – an epoxy hardener:
150 g - per 1 liter
500 g - for 3 liters
750 g - for 5 liters

 16.99 /pc.
 48.07 /pc.
 80.38 /pc.

Epoxy resin D.E.R. 331


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Epoxy resin D.E.R. 331

Epoxy resin D.E.R. 331 is the most widely used general purpose liquid epoxy resin. It is recognized as a standard, on the basis of which many variations have been developed.

Application area:

This epoxy resin is suitable for you if you work in the field of:

  • production of polymer composites;
  • jewelry (filling);
  • shipbuilding;
  • construction and renovation of premises;
  • car repair and restoration, etc.

Transparent epoxy resin D.E.R. 331 is used in the manufacture of fiberglass and fiberglass, composite materials used in the construction and automotive industries. It is also used in the manufacture of boats, yachts and boats. This epoxy resin is also used to fill countertops or floors.


Compared to other resins, it is used for a wide range of activities from the construction industry to jewelry. It is relatively liquid, so it is used not only for the manufacture of products, but also as an impregnation of fiberglass, as well as for treating the car body.

  • completely transparent;
  • does not conduct electricity;
  • has good adhesion to glass, wood, plastic, metal, and ceramic surfaces;
  • resistant to aggressive environments;
  • made in Germany.

Terms of use:

When working with resin, you must use protective gloves and clothing, and avoid contact of the mixture and dust (during the polishing process) with exposed skin, eyes and mouth. Resin and mixtures made from it should not come into contact with food products or utensils. It is recommended to work in a ventilated area, after finishing work, change clothes and wash your hands with soap. If the mixture gets on mucous membranes or skin, rinse with water. For cutting pain, consult a doctor.

Additional information: The resin can be used as an epoxy adhesive. To do this, just prepare the mixture. D.E.R. 331 reacts in polymerization with aliphatic polyamines, polyamides and amidoamines. An additional component is required to harden the substance.

Epoxy resin D.E.R. 331 – where to buy?

We offer to buy epoxy resin D.E.R. 331 wholesale and retail from a warehouse in Riga. An order can be placed on our website, by email or by calling +371 25771311. Payment methods: prepaid invoice, cash or card upon receipt of the goods. To find out the wholesale price, please contact us by mail, phone or use the contact page.

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Weight1.2 kg

5 L canister (6 kg), Bucket 1 l (1.2 kg), Bucket 3 l (3.5 kg)

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