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Disinfectant Aseptol (5 l)

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Disinfectant, detergent and degreaser for various surfaces and utensils. Can be used in high pressure units to treat surfaces with foam. Does not contain chlorine.

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Disinfectant Aseptol (5 l)


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Disinfectant Aseptol (5 l)

Aseptol has an antiseptic effect. Active against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

It is a universal-purpose solution and is used for disinfection. Pre-sterilization cleaning and sterilization of medical products, as well as for general cleaning of premises. Disinfection of equipment in health care facilities, clothing, etc.
Aseptol eliminates the possibility of pathogenic microorganisms developing resistance to it over any long and continuous period, which is caused by the metastability of the active substances of the anolyte.

Application and properties

The disinfectant can be applied by wiping, sprinkling, soaking and spraying.
The low concentration of active substances, together with its speed, ensures the absence of an aggressive effect on various materials.

Aseptol is an environmentally friendly product, since it does not leave traces after processing objects, and the active substances of anolyte completely spontaneously degrade into drinking low-mineralized water.

Ideally combines all the qualities that must be inherent in every disinfectant. She has:

  • high antimicrobial activity against all pathogenic microorganisms, including spores.
  • disinfecting and sterilizing properties.
  • washing ability, allowing you to combine the stage of pre-sterilization cleaning and sterilization.
  • minimal toxicity class (IV) for inhalation and enteral exposure, no skin-resorptive or irritating effects.

Where to buy Aseptol disinfectant?

We offer to buy Aseptol 5 liters in Riga:

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  • You can pick up your order at the address: Cesvaines street 3, Riga.

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