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Burlap, W = 1050 mm, 366 g/m2 (Jute)

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  • Length: Running meter
  • Width: 1050 mm
  • Thickness: -

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Burlap, W = 1050 mm, 366 g/m2 (Jute)


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Buy Burlap, W = 1050 mm, 366 g/m2 (Jute) from ChemLV at a bargain price in Latvia and the European Union

Purpose of Burlap, W = 1050 mm, 366 g/m2 (Jute) – Packing fabric | Noise isolation | Cloth for covering plants | Fabric for furniture | Cushion fabric | Mattress fabric | Fabric for decoration | Cloth for washing the floor | Absorbent fabric

Applied – Decor | Transport | Cargo transportation | Construction | Gardening | Furniture

Description Burlap, W = 1050 mm, 366 gr/m2 (Jute)

Jute burlap is a well-ventilated material made using the plain weave method.

Jute, an environmentally friendly material that is used in agriculture, for example, for heating, storing and transporting plants. This durable fabric is well breathable, tolerates temperature changes. It is safe to store food stocks in it. Our grandfathers also used high-density burlap as a container for storing, for example, flour, cereals, sugar, animal feed.

The most valuable is considered a burlap fabric made from jute plant fibers. The composition of jute includes a natural polymer – lignin, which gives the fabric a special resistance to the influence of external factors, such as sun and water. This material is recommended for outdoor use. The density of the material is from 190 to 315 g/m2. Thicker jute burlap can withstand high loads and last for several years.

Where to buy Burlap Fabric

The Chem LV company offers to buy jute burlap fabric at a good price with delivery. For a more detailed consultation, you can contact our managers and choose a jute fabric for your application. This fabric is of plant origin, attracts advantages over other textiles. It is applicable for making bags, coarse water filters, or for filtering technical fluid, packaging materials.

Jute fabric is successfully used to make:
– production of filters,
– bags,
– rough overalls,
– depreciation package;
– interior decor;
– furniture upholstery;
– creative crafts;
– exclusive accessories.

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